Tips for Writing an Attractive Business Plan

Creating a startup requires a solid business plan. Having one that’s well crafted can help raise capital, attract employees, and provide direction with executive decisions. Here are some instructions that are requisite when cobbling together a road map for your venture.

Be Clear

The old adage “Keep it simple, stupid,” is a phrase that feels trite and overused, but it’s oft-repeated for good reason. If people cannot understand your plan, how can they be expected to buy into your vision? Use short sentences and avoid flowery language. Organize thoughts with headers and bullet points. Read aloud what you’ve written and see if any sentences feel convoluted or clunky. If so, revise them until clarity is achieved.

Be Passionate

Your business plan is an expression of your soul as much as a pathway for financial success. Supplement analytical sections with personal anecdotes. Explain why you care about these products and services in a manner that inspires others to feel the same. Sell yourself as much as the soundness of your research.

Be Thorough

Provide as much supporting documentation as possible. If you are having trouble inserting raw data into the body of your plan without interrupting its flow, create an appendix where supplementary information can go. Provide details regarding customer demographics, along with an in-depth look at your products or services and marketing plan. Include specific examples of similar businesses that have thrived, giving concrete rationales as to why yours will do better.

Be Objective

Although you want to highlight the reasons your company will thrive, mention potential stumbling blocks. This signals that you’ve thought about your proposed venture from all angles, not merely harboring a pie-in-the-sky fantasy. Investors want to know that you’re prepared to weather any difficulties. Let them know that you are both aware of and ready to handle the challenges that lie ahead. 

Be Flexible

Your plan is a set of guidelines, not a mandate from Heaven. After entering the marketplace, you might realize that your assumptions were wrong and that change is necessary. Dream up alternative plans of action so that you’re ready when fast adjustments need to be made. Thinking ahead can help you pivot when it becomes mandatory for survival.

Your business plan is an essential blueprint as well as a device for attracting allies. When writing one, keep these requirements in mind so that it is as effective a tool for generating interest as it is a personal guide for achieving success.

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