Our Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan Is a Great Alternative To a Standard Loan

Do you wish you could apply for a loan that didn’t rely heavily on your credit profile or require you to put up collateral you don’t have? If so, you’re in luck. Premier One Commercial Capital has a stated income commercial real estate loan that’s a great, no-hassle alternative to a regular business loan. If you’re getting ready to purchase property, this may be the right type of loan for you, especially if you’ve been turned down for other loan types.

How It Works

Our stated income loan program does require you to have a minimum credit score of 600, but it’s still easier to qualifier for than many other types of loans. The main qualification the loan requires is that the property you purchase have enough value to meet the insurance, mortgage and tax amounts. If you can show that it does, your stated income loan will most likely be approved in limited time.

There are many benefits to getting this type of loan. They include:

  • Fixed low rates
  • Amortized loans up to 25 years
  • Loan-to-value as high as 75% for specific properties, including mixed-use properties
  • Loan amounts as high as $500,000

We welcome all property types to apply for this generous loan program. You can use the funds to consolidate debt, purchase property or refinance as needed. We do require you to show us self-employment or W-2 documentation when you apply.

Properties We Finance

We pride ourselves in extending financing to practically any type of property. Whether you deal in real estate, restaurants, apartments or any other type of property, we encourage you to submit an application. You’ll quickly find out if you’re approved.

Contact Us Today

Now is a great time to find out if you meet the qualifications for our stated income commercial real estate program. Contact us today to request your application, and you could close on your property in just two weeks!