Watch Your Practice Thrive With Healthcare Financing

Having a responsive and reliable financing source makes a big difference when running a medical practice. Premier One Commercial Capital offers several healthcare financing options that let borrowers open and expand their practices, purchase equipment, and consolidate debt.

Our Products

Explore our financial products to find the one best suited to your healthcare practice. Options include:

  • Equipment Financing–Our equipment leasing and financing packages let you acquire the medical equipment you need with affordable payment options. We allow our customers to hold leases and loans simultaneously. All of our equipment financing products have flexible payment terms, and we cover up to 50% of soft costs.
  • Working Capital–Working capital loans give you maximum financial flexibility. You can apply the funds anywhere that is best for your practice. Borrow up to $250,000 with a full financial statement, or up to $75,000 with an application alone. We never require upfront payments, and you have up to 72 months to repay.
  • Practice Acquisition Loans–Get up to 100% of the funding you need to buy out one of your medical partners or to merge with an existing practice.
  • Debt Consolidation–Combine multiple debts under one loan and make one reasonable monthly payment.

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